October 26, 2006

Since I have time, I've been thinking about what I want to acheive in 2007. This attempt is risker than previous years because unlike paper journals where I penned my previous years' goals down, this time, by posting them online, I am in a way giving my well-meaning friends permission to taunt, bug and annoy me if I do not acheive any single one of the goals I set out.

*breathe* Ok I'm ready.

1. Run more than 10km in another organised run thingamajig
2. Clean my room and maintain its state for more than 7 days
3. Keep my finances in check (by controlling my splurges) - i.e. no debt, lots of liquidity, regular investments
4. Take my Advanced Diving Certification and of course, go diving
5. Take my GMAT and seriously consider grad school
6. Take some bible courses or go to Mission school (part-time la)

All righty...I'm ready for 2007! I think. *gulp*

1 comment:

Plant it! said...

Wow Whiney.. they're great goals.. but need $$ le, esp for the A. Diving Cert and GMAT.. I like your 10km run thingy.. how's ur trg? Can I even run 3km? ^-^ Guess only in 1 yr's time. Gotta *sayang* my poor back first.
I would like to set some goals for myself first but to do so, I first need to set a list of things to do. Muz clear these stuff first b4 I can do anything about it. For one, I'll like to get my blog up, to share with my peeps..and brush up my communication tools.