February 12, 2007

The toil of man

Just wondering...at what stage would you know that work has become so consuming that it warrants some concern? Sure, work is God-given in a sense that we are told not to be sluggards and to put in our best in whatever job we are called to be in...and in the process bring glory to God when we acknowledge that our drive for excellence comes from Him and point others to God through our work.

But what if it reaches a stage where work consumes a person to the extent that it has no space for another being to co-exist? Something's got to give, right? Is it really impossible to perform great in a job that requires large bits of your time and still have a meaningful relationship with your family and friends? Do we really need to sacrifice something? Can we really not have the best of both worlds? Can we really say we're glorifying God if we put in our best (time and efforts) in our work but in the process neglect the people around us?

Is there something inherently wrong if we put our significant other second place with work? Is there a cause for concern if work is as important as the significant other?

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