February 17, 2007

War scars

Pain(t)ball before Lunar New Year is NOT a good idea. Remind me next time before I garung-ly agree to it ya. Long pants and knee-length skirts for the next 2 months. Plus a humungous bump on the bottom of my chin and a really digusting-looking wound on my hand too. Courtesy of sharp-shooter Cpl Ian Lee. Thanks.
Sigh. His parents are gonna think I'm too havoc for him. Yikes. I need to raid my closet to cover all my wounds.
BUT I must say, it was fun. In a sadistic way hahaha.
Happy Lunar New Year everyone!


ian said...

eh wad CPL... i'm a 3SG... wahahaha
i'm sorry. it wasnt all me right?

Anonymous said...

wah lao eh.. u run in the open or what? i remember watching and hearing u say "ow", run to medic, run back, "ow" again, back to medic (repeat process) while we were at the side laughing.


Wyn said...


no wonder I thought I heard laughter when I was getting shot in the butt/thigh.

Anonymous said...

owww that looks VERY painful! poor dear! apply some haemorrhoid cream please!