August 07, 2007

All my bags are packed...

Well not really. Since I’m not given any more work to do, I decided I should keep myself busy and sane by packing my barang. Here are some of the things I accumulated over the year:

1. Coffee, Tongkat Ali and ginseng mix (dun ask me about the Tongkat Ali – I also thought their sole purpose was to boost the male *ahem*... anyway apparently they are also great energy-boosters for females as well. I never got round to trying them btw)
2. Korean nail-clipper (it works the same as ours…just that this has a Korean figurine attached)
3. Korean survival phrasebook
4. China Airlines coasters
5. Scented candle
6. Richard Gere look-a-like Monkey stuffed toy (it’s a Proboscis Monkey)
7. Flower stuffed toy thingamajig
8. Tons of post-it pads

They treated me to a farewell lunch today and gave me a gift with card. I was so surprised; especially since I always thought they were always too busy to show concern for other people. Some of them wrote really sweet & encouraging things in the card too so yeah. *sniff* I dunno how things are gonna change after I leave...wonder if I would keep in touch with them or if they’ll ever recognize me on the street. It’ll be hard but I think I ought to give it my best shot. Fullmoon wrote in one of her entries about how people will not remember you for the decisions you make, but for the things you did or said. How true.

The other day I dreamt that I sucked big-time at my new job and the whole team rebelled against me. Yikes. I need some intensive tutorials on how to manage people...anyone? (Jane, if you’re reading this – Heeelp!)

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where you leaving to?