September 11, 2007

Uh oh...

I think I'm morphing into an Auntie. While other colleagues scoff at the idea of working at TP, I actually am enjoying it quite a bit. I like popping into cash converters, courts and other quirky shops to check out what they have. But the most tell-tale sign of me morphing into a full-fledged Auntie is that I spend most of my time in Phoon Huat. In fact, as I'm typing this entry I am resisting this strong force beckoning me to come purchase more baking tins, flavourings and what-nots. Chances are I will sneak out later for a quick look-see (I worked in during lunch today so I am entitled to a short break la).

Ever since I started my baking classes 4 Sundays ago I've been surprising myself with my success so much so that I promptly signed up for Stage 2 which will commence this Sunday. Enough of cheena cakes (butter, chiffon, blackforest) and I shall master the ang moh cakes and attempt to stupefy everyone with my deft baking skills from now on!

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Anonymous said...

Methinks I'll be just like you if I worked in TP! If only I'm still at N**. We can roam TP together. WAHAHAHA.