October 30, 2006

Parachute band

Quick post - Parachute Band's coming to town! Parachute Band is a NZ-based worship band. In my honest opinion, they are one of the most anointed and musical worship bands I have come acrossed. Their lyrics often convey a deep and mature understanding of the gospel and the Christian walk. Their aboriginal background also means that their sound is rather unique and not the usual jarring bam-bam-bam kind.

Free night concert at RiverLife Church.
4 November, Sat



Janice!! said...

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! on my birthday too!!! hee, hee.... You coming that nite, wynne??

Whined said...

Yeah I'm making plans to go! But Sat night may be a little tough...but if I can't make it on Sat, I'll be there on Sunday! I'll sms u when my plans are confirmed : ) Yes I know it's ur bday! Woot!

Janice!! said...

Yeah!! ok, let me know which day you're going, whoo hoo!!! :) I'm very excited!!!