November 02, 2006

The games people play

I just don't get it - why do people like to play games when it comes to relationships? Why be so surreptitious to the point of ambiguity? Why move back and forth as though we're in some mating dance?

I'm not saying that I don't enjoy being coy - in fact, I get intimidated with people who are too forthcoming too quick. But it distresses me when a guy drops major hints everyday and behaves in a manner that implies something more than platonic friends but retreats at the slightest hint of interest shown by me. I'm just responding to you, for crying out loud! And when I decide to protect myself by keeping a distance, he claims that I am cold. Wha..?!?!!

*sigh* I shan't bother. It really isn't worth it. Or maybe I've been out of the game so long that I forgot what it was like. Do I *really* have to go through this?


ian said...

oooooo.... who who? hahaha... j/k

Whined said...

please actually think I will spill my guts out to! Hahaha

Plant it! said...

hmm.. if u've already stated your piece of mind, maybe u can stay away from him for awhile and let him profess if he want?

Whined said...

I haven't said anything to him...and I don't intend to anyway. I'm ok in general...just ranting cos that day was particularly annoying. heh. thanks!