November 10, 2006

And it gets a little clearer along the way

I felt a tinge of regret a few weeks after I left Disneyland (my previous workplace) for Kimchi Palace. It was terrifying entering a new environment - no more familiar smiles, no more statistics and/or SPSS, no more raising POs and writing approval minutes, no more chats along the corridor, no more S11 or Cineleisure foodcourt.

You see, my decision to leave Disney was very much guided by what I thought God was saying to me. The road to Kimchi Palace was smooth as the doors opened one by one, just at the right time. I sensed God saying "Go" and so I did. Some of my close friends told me to wait out my job search cos the deal in KP isn't that fantastic, but I had enough assurance to go. The assurance soon dissipated when, after 4 weeks, KP hadn't met my initial expectations.

I soon doubted my assurance from God. Maybe it was just me. Maybe I heard wrongly. Maybe I went ahead of Him.

But as my Pastor advised, don't be rash (again) and let things unfold. Just cos God said ok doesn't mean everything will be perfect. And I was reminded to give thanks in all I resolved to stop complaining and be thankful for my job.

Then I had some sort of an epiphany today.

In the past 2 months, I've re-connected with old friends whom I've not met for 8-10 years, re-established friendships with friends whom I always had trouble catching up with cos of conflicting schedules, made friends with people whom I naturally would not gravitate towards in normal social settings and am more on-the-ball in ensuring I maintain the friendships made in Disney. All because I now work in KP.

And if one of the purposes of leading me to Kimchi Palace is so that I would meet these people and share my life with them again, then I must say the choice to move is proving to be wiser than I had imagined.

Sometimes you doubt yourself, then God reveals such amazing things that you just have to believe that He truly is interested in all aspects of our lives, big or small. I'm still adopting a wait-and-see attitude, but I gotta admit, I'm more confident of the future now cos I know the Big One is truly guiding my path. So bring it on!

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Janice... said...

I'm so happy for you, babe... awesome stuff happening... :)