November 29, 2006

Christmas is a time of giving

So often we get caught up with our year-end revelry that we forget the people around us who share the same world we live in but are in circumstances less fortunate than ours. They may not be less happy, but the truth is they probably will not be celebrating this year-end fete dining at posh restaurants or at a family member's place having wine, honey roasted ham or seafood risotto.

How often these people go unnoticed in our world; hiding in their own homes spending Christmas like it's just another public holiday. And me? I fall into the trap of busy-ness with church (and party) and deceit that I am too poor to bless others. Hah. What crap. The bible clearly says that no amount is too small for God's kingdom.

Therefore this year, I'm going on a mission. A mission to give my time and money to bless others. Thing is, I don't know where to start. I've offered to help a friend with the BB sharity thingy... but other than that I don't know which other org I can give some money to.

Any suggestions? Better still, anyone keen to join me? : ) Lemme know!


Anonymous said...

such a generous spirit! sigh i should take a leaf out of your book and stop being so selfish and inward-looking.

mm maybe you can consider wesley cambodian children missions effort?

when i was still in uni, i used to buy chocolates and other niceties for cancer-stricken children ( in NUH) and pass them out like a good santarina on christmas eve. maybe consider that too? more personal than just giving $$. just my 2 very minute cents. haha

have a good day, God bless

Anonymous said...

I'll accept any amount made out to "MLF (Mel's Wakeboard Fund)"

ps. cant believe u turned down an LV bag!!!!!!!!!can your mom adopt me?

Wyn said...

Madeleine: Hey your santarina idea sounds really cool! But do you need to get hospital's permission? It's so Patch Adams... : )

Mel: Hmmm I'll donate some stickers for your wakeboard - counted? And I'm having second thoughts about the LV! ARghhh maybe the offer still stands if I were to ask my mom again. Hiak.