November 28, 2006

Pseudo tourist

I'm in the airport transit lounge now...waiting for my airport pass to be renewed. I like the atmosphere in here...everyone's so relaxed and there's a buzz in the air. Prolly the excitement of going's been a while since I felt that way. Hmmm.

Just the other day, my mum and I walked into LV and she offered to buy me a "proper" work bag. She said my current ones were cheap and won't last (they ARE cheap, btw). Hence the generous offer to buy me an iconic bag that will last for generations and henceforth elevate me to the status of a real modern, working woman.

But the pragmatist in me was alive and kicking so I said "no" to LV and its monogrammed madness.

Can someone please say, "Stoooooopid!" Grrrrr. I hope I won't live to regret this decision.

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