November 27, 2006


I get mildly insulted when I walk to the traffic light, press the button for the lights to change and coming towards me is a woman who clearly saw that I pressed the button but somehow still insists on sticking her arm out to press the button again. I mean, did it look like I merely carassed the darn button?!

And tonight I hurled my ass to the gym after a 3-month hiatus. Yup. And then I felt so good after the workout that I didn't realise I wore my top inside-out when I confidently strutted out. D.A.N.G. Found out only when I got home so nothing could be done. Can someone please say, "DITZ!"

But nonetheless, I suppose the positive energy I was emitting could have masked the embarassment (not mine, but the fellow commuters on the bus). Oh well. The mark of a modern woman eh.


Anonymous said...

nehmind. ur not the only one. i've done that, along with shirt buttoned wrongly, zip not zipped (so many times!!), piece of tape stuck to the backside (that fact was politely pointed out to me by a very cute guy...), falling down cos heel got stuck in drain...:P oh ur tee shirts have arrived!

dang. i see little squares. dunno if this comment will get posted.


Anonymous said...

WAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!! You damn cartoon lah!

I'm sitting in class with this silly grin on my face.

Hope my students don't notice.