November 20, 2006


Nothin' much to update except I've been hit by the flu bug *gag*

And Ladybug has decided to shed some of her vulnerabilities and try public blogging for now (go visit!). Hahah macham like I got so much traffic on my own blog like that ah? Tee hee hee

And I dropped by Y! last week to visit and my oh my, containers are cool! Well, when it's not raining at least.

Also realised in the course of the weeks that I miss having siao siao pple around me.

And since my last post I've bumped into 2 more long-lost friends. Woo hoo.

Will update more when my the hazy mind clears! : ) Have a good week, everyone!


ian said...

wynne's mind PSI: 138

Plant it! said...

hey take care, okays? still up for supper?


Whined said...

Ian - ......

Plant it - Yes! I'm always up for supper! hiak hiak greedy pig, I am.