December 31, 2006

Goodbye 2006!

5.5 hours more to go before we officially bid 2006 adieu and say a big "HOLA!" to 2007. Somehow the New Year has become lesser of a big deal as time passes...but one thing never changes - it always reminds me of how time can just slip by if you don't put in any efforts to seize the day. Carpe diem.

In the last quarter of the year something shook me out of my apathetic slumber. I don't really know what it was, but suddenly I realised how fragile relationships are and the need to invest time, efforts and humility in order to sustain and/or restore them. Anyway, what I'm trying to say is: treasure your relationships esp with family members. Some squabbles are just not worth the overnight anger or resentment.

I swallowed my pride recently and wrote a really mushy letter to my dad on his birthday. I started by saying, "I know I don't say this enough, but I really love you dad." It takes a lot outta me to utter such words but if I don't take this step now, it might get more difficult as time catches up. I want to be comfortable in expressing my love for my parents, and not regret them only when they are not around. I don't want to spend the rest of the days thinking about the "what ifs" and "if only I...". It's not easy as I was brought up in a family whose members are not overtly affectionate towards each other...but it's worth a try.

Yup. So friends, don't hold back on your love for your family. It only takes a teeny step to give them a hug or a smile or bring them out for dinner. I learnt this in 2006 and I'll take this gem of a lesson with me into 2007.

Have a great year everyone : ) May it be filled with lots of love, joy and God's bountiful blessings.


Anonymous said...

How did ur dad react to the letter? :)

- ladybug -

Wyn said...

He replied with an equally sweet sms. Made me remember why I was and will always be my daddy's gal :) This must have been the wisest move I made in 2006! heh.

aBeautifulPlaceOutThere said...

Hey babe, that was a really touching, loving move! =) I'm happy for you.