December 15, 2006

Woah ho! Down memory lane!

Trish and I met the tenors for a long-delayed catch-up sesh. We had a really really wild time just talking about JC days and what we've been up to since. These are the guys whom I spent a lot of my college time with - the bassists won't hang out with the tenors cos they are...well, higher-pitched than them; the sops totally dig the bass (it's mutual btw); but the altos think the tenors are absolutely fab cos they can actually reach OUR notes...hence it was only natural that the altos and tenors became fast friends. Incidentally, my college love was a tenor too. LOL.

Last night reminded me of the reasons why I get along so well with the divas - their wicked sense of humour, dry wit, tactlessness and oh-so-haughty mannerisms - aw man! I miss them so much!! Meeting up as adults meant that old gossip could be recounted with much amusement and grandeur... and *gasp* the truths behind some of the college myths/mysteries/stories were finally brought to light.

Highlights of the night:
1. She's more manly than C and I combined
2. D had a moustache - I think she ought to depilate
3. Sleazy, slimy TT!
4. It was puppy luuuuurve, my dear

"You can't name an architecture firm 'Architecture'! It's like naming a hotel, 'Hotel'! It doesn't work! I know! How about 'Architecture 81'?"

W: How about calling it "The Best Design Associates"?
D: Yeah! Then when people ask, "Which firm do you work for?", then you can say "I work for The Best Design Associates". "Oh, which one would that be?" "THE BEST DESIGN ASSOCIATES!"

Clincher: Fabia the Labia (I hope she never reads this)


I love you all! *muack*

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