December 11, 2006

Quick update!

It's been a good week, I suppose. Things are going fine, spent some time with friends (Ladybug's night-time tea party!) I shall liven things up by putting some photos of our rendevous at The Cholocate Factory (Ladybug: Lemme know if you want them taken down yeah? I understand that famous people like you need your privacy. Hiak)

Had a fantastic time with the bunch, just throwing jibes at one another and being all kuku again. Haha...and happy birthday once again babe! :D

There has been much hype on TCF recently...and every review I've read had such glorious comments on the desserts so I thought we just *had* to go there for our night rendevous. Plus, for some really weird reason I kinda knew that Ladybug would appreciate the outdoorsy, chic and relaxed atmosphere. She thinks we might be....*gasp* long-lost sisters cos we think so alike! (cue: Twilight zone music)

Anyway the chocolate desserts were quite all right, really. The chocolate tart, especially, caught everyone's attention and palette. It was a rich chocolate mousse on a ferrero rocher-like base. Every bite would send us straight to chocolate heaven and back. Ladybug's chocolate cake was all right - the sponge was nice and light and the fudge was not too sweet. But nothing too exciting. Just think lana cake but with chocolate fudge made from Valrhona chocs.

The tiramisu, however, was disappointing. It was too wet so the sponge fingers were drowning in the rum and water released from the mascapone cheese. We didn't finish that.

I'd give it a 3.5 out of 5. If you pick the right desserts this place can really send you to chocolate heaven. Other plus points are the location and rather attentive service.
Of course, and 4 upon 5 for company :) Lost one point cos the outing was too short la!


Anonymous said...

Nah, keep 'em photos up. Us famous people must give the mere mortals a glance of ourselves every now and then.

*bitchy laughter*

Yeah I agree with your ratings. The tiramisu really cannot make it lah. And we must have a longer chill-out time next!

ps. we look like bimbos in the first pic *faint*

- ladybug -

Anonymous said...

ho ho chocolate factory! you make me SO jealous.
bad girl! always tempting me! last week was indian food and this week chocolate desserts!