March 16, 2007

*waves* I'm alive!

Whoops - been a long while since I've let out a squeak in here.

Been really busy with GB this month - endless meetings, events, camp, email's nuts! I sometimes wonder why I agreed to don the white uniform again...and then I remember that I only feel this way when I'm out of breath. When everything settles nicely and my mind starts to unfog, I remember that it was through GB that I got to know Christ. And I suppose now is my turn to do the same to the girls.

Camp was exhausting with hordes of girls going "Miss Chia, Miss Chia! My spectacles broke! *whine*", "Miss Chia! I'm scared the fire will burn me!", "Miss Chia, Miss Chia, how much water do I need to cook instant noodles?", "Miss Chia! I'm allergic to eggs!!", "Miss Chia! How to scrub my mess tin ah??"....

But when camp breaks and the girls have warmed up towards you...I realise that you really cannot claim to want to make a difference in people's lives without taking time out to be with them, live with them and talk to them. No way I can share God's love by staying in my little comfortable nook and serve God only by sitting on committees (ok, a little controversial here, but let me have my way for now, ya).

Anyway. 3 more weekends to burn for GB before my much needed respite. Plus, I'm going to Hong Kong in a week's time! Disneyland, no less! Wahahahaha

Have a good weekend, everyone! Over and out!

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janice... said...

yea... i so understand and agree abt the investing time to make a difference part... try waking up at 6.30am from monday to sat for 3 weeks in a row to do school training and having an average of 3 to 4 hrs of sleep/nite. Talk abt stepping out of my comfort zone. But... it's all worth it... :)