March 20, 2007

Wake-up call

Roy and I planned to do our usual riding route tonight...Was pretty excited as I could *finally* try out my bday gift from the churchmates and don my new cycling top! Hahahahaha

Ten minutes into the ride I felt like I was going to suffer from a heart attack. My legs won't cooperate and they weighed a ton. By the time we got to West Coast Mac's I was seriously thinking of turning round. I felt like such a loser. Hung on for a while more and managed to go one loop round pandan reservoir (I could have sworn the reservoir got wider since the last time we rode there...) after that I really buay tahan and had to have a pit stop at Mac's. Riiiight. All together now, "F.A.I.L!".

This is what 3-months of non-activity does to you. Goodness. I *so* need to get back to the regime. Tonight has given me a much-needed wake-up call - I need to get back to riding!! But first, I need to invest in a well-fitting helmet and a front blinker. The helmet keeps going seh-ngat whenever I go over a slight bump on the road. Worst, it sometimes covers my eyes when I move onto the lower handle bars. Tak glam. Tsk.

Anyway we set a target: May Day ride to East Coast and back. About 4 hours. I think I'll just do half and then call James to rescue me. Wahahahaha

Tonight's distance: 25km
Ave speed: 24km/h
Total time: 55mins (excluding pit stop)

Bleah. Shower time!

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