April 26, 2007

Jet-setting career

During my younger days, I always dreamt of having a job that would take me to places...I'd imagine being greeted on the plane by stewardesses who would usher me to my roomy biz class seat and offer me a glass of champagne whilst the other regular joes wrestle their way through economy. Then I would arrive at the airport and immediately be whisked (private black merc, no less) to my 5-star hotel where the staff would acknowledge my arrival with "Welcome, Ms Chia. Your room is ready. The chocolates and Ipod speakers have been prepared in your room as requested and we hope you'll have a good stay with us."

Hah. Fat chance. Not unless my last name is Hilton.

The past week had me flying to Seoul and LA for a work thingy (on Economy. Bah.) and I tell you, it is no fun at all. I was literally zipping from hotel to office to airport and by the time I got to LA in the middle of the week, I was so exhausted and jet-lagged that I wish I could be teleported back home. Of course, being away from James made it worse cos I had no one to whine to. I must say that between the both of us, he's definitely got a lower tolerance for separation. Haha. But then, it was really sweet to know that he couldn't stand us being apart for more than a couple of days so much that he was seriously contemplating flying over to join me in my last leg of travel.

Anyway, now that I'm back, I'm hoping that this travelling thing will stop for the moment. Yeah, travelling's a lot more fun when work's not involved...and it's nice just being home and hanging out with people whom I like. Let's meet for tea/lunch/dinner soon!


ian said...

wynne hilton? that sounds wrong...

aBeautifulPlaceOutThere said...

lovely james! you people are sooo sweet. and yes, travelling for work not that fun. catch up for sup soon yah?