May 23, 2007

Awaken, baking instincts!

Thanks to Keat’s very well-connected aunt, we have secured places at a cupcake-marking workshop this Sunday. *beams* We’ve been waitlisted since March and I heard that it’s almost impossible to get places cos they get filled up the minute a class is open. The instructor’s really amazing btw. Just look at her creations.

There’s also a donut-making class I want to attend…plus a series of “Basic cooking skills” where they teach you how to cut up meat, make stock, etc. Good for clueless people like moi.

This cooking-itch is not new. I’ve always wanted to whip up tantalizing dishes on my own a la Nigella Lawson. But my crummy kitchen skills (I don’t even know how to use the knife properly lor) have led to many tasteless meats and under-cooked brownies which left me rather distraught and hopeless. More experienced cooks say that I should not follow recipes and follow my instincts but seriously, judging by the way things have been I think cooking instincts were left out in my DNA make-up. I can cook up a nice mushroom soup from scratch though :)) right right right??
I wanna open a shop in the future. Hmmm.

On a separate note, a lot of pple around me seem to be feeling down/ill. Hope everything's ok. :-/

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mel said...

yes! cupcake workshop!!! i can offer my place if there arent alot of people cos kitchen has aircon and i have most of the basic utensils already.