June 06, 2007

I've been a bad girl...

1. I haven't read my bible in a week
2. I haven't started reading the book
3. I'm lusting after a branded wallet
4. I overate and under-exercised the past 6 months (Hence the incipient round-er midsection)
5. I'm getting disgruntled with my job. Again. This time in a magnitude far greater than before.



m.Ru said...

hi!!! i've been running at the gym leh.. join me lah

Whiner said...

eh? is this who i think it is?
if it is, hello! *waves*
...which gym you go to?

ian said...

arlow. i cant get round to reading the book either... but we gotta get round to it soon...

m.Ru said...

i go to... the gym... at... CHEVRON. lol. free for creative staff. found you! bang! :P