July 23, 2007

First attempt - Fail!

I tried my hand at baking apple's pie yesterday....but silly me misread the proportions and doubled the amount of butter, so needless to say, it was graded F9 before the whole chunk went down the chute.

I was so grumpy and upset when the dough came out wet and soggy as I was preparing it. The "cover" for the pie sank between the apples when I placed them on top. So I got pissed and told James to remove the pie top and I'll make another one. I was so intent on doing it right - got the bowls chilled, froze my hands before I rubbed the butter in, etc - but ironically didn't bother to read the instructions as carefully as I should. It wasn't till the blob of molten thingy emerged from the oven and James decided to troubleshoot by asking me very basic questions like "did you use the right flour?" that I realised that I doubled the amount of butter called for in the recipe.

No wonder my uncle took one whiff and exclaimed in cantonese, "Wah! Butter pie ah!"

The saving grace was the batch of lemon butter cupcakes I made hours earlier which got a thumbs up from everyone present. I am determined to get this darn apple pie right this weekend. I shall be master over the recipe and not the other way round.


Anonymous said...

here's a tip for apple pie cover. do a streusel cover, not the conventional one. it's easier and doesn't look like a mess. Or invest in a marble board (ikea used to have them, not sure about now) cos it's cooler for you to lay the pie cover on when you're rolling it out. however, if ur pok-eyed, i cant help u there...


Whiner said...

si mi si streusel cover??? can eat one or not. hahaha

ok ok i shall google it and try it on wed since no 714.

mel said...

streusel.. yah. google it. it's a mixture of flour and brown sugar and butter which u sprinkle on top of ur pie to cover it, then bake. it's er.. pretty fool-proof unlike proper pie covers. or u can do it with a twist and make an apple pie meringue which is still an easier topping than the normal crust top.