July 18, 2007

One for the mid-week

Ok so I’ve been excruciatingly busy lately…I’m a little annoyed at that really. My weekday nights just zip by with me running from one event/programme/activity to another. I reach home with no energy left to do anything; can’t even muster enough strength to switch on my laptop to engage in some mindless banter via MSN. I bought some flour and stuff intending to bake something last weekend but alas, Harry Potter side-tracked me and ruined my well-intended plans. What a waste of money, btw, that show.

I fed the church last weekend. Think it’s my first attempt at mass feeding…somehow I think it would have been less stressful if I were Jesus and needed to just multiply the fish and loaves…I mean, at least he didn’t have to weigh the ingredients, knead the dough, watch the oven, season the fish, etc. It was pretty unnerving cooking and letting the brutally honest (I appreciated it, btw. Really!!) church mates critique. All in all, I think it was a commendable debut. *Pat* I really need all the feedback possible….cos….well (it’s really premature and presumptuous to reveal this at the moment but…) I’ve been thinking about starting my own joint for a while now. Yeah. Me. Heh. Definitely not in the near future (by this I mean this year and possibly next) of course. I’ve got some pretty cool ideas which I think can work…so the plan now is to seriously start honing my kitchen skills and get more guinea pigs to try my food for feedback. Muahahaha… oh oh oh! And of course I need to use this interim period to source for gullible, kind-hearted people with lots of moo-lah and convince/coerce them to invest in moi. Hiak. Sleeping partners with cash to spare and won’t interfere in the concept are best. Right now, James has pledged his piggy bank to my venture so that’s a start.

If you have no money but wouldn’t mind eating my food and give constructive feedback; I’d also welcome that. As they say, 有钱出钱, 有力出力!

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monster.ru said...

feed me! feed me! i want daily scoops!!